5 facts on my postpartum

Hello lotuses! I hope you are very well since the last time. Today I propose you a little post on my postpartum. These are 5 facts on my postpartum :

1- I decided to practice minimalist wardrobe with my son

My French readers know, I am a fan of minimalism! I already have a minimalist dressing since few years. For maintain that, I regularly sells my older clothes, and bougth new pieces on Vinted. I do the same for my child. 75% of his dressing comes to Vinted.

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2- I took control of the finances!

I have been wanting to regain full possession of my money for several months now. I made a budget and I’m sticking to it. I will write an article for you to tell you about the method I use. My goals are to free myself from my debts, and build up good savings for baby M.

3- I decided to stop blogging for a few months.

I’m going through a pretty difficult postpartum period, my relationship has broken down, I’m depressed. It’s so hard for me to speak about that here. But I have always made my blog a space of authenticity. I always talk openly about my former toxic relationships, the drama, the complications during my pregnancy and my mental health.

I don’t know how long this will last. For now, I’ll post when I feel like it, have the time and energy. My son and my mental health are my priorities.

4- I changed the brand of my planner.

One more thing that my French readers already know, planners and I are a love story that lasts!

I left my filofax which required too much energy to set up each month, week… I no longer have this time since I became a mother! I searched for weeks for a planner that looked like me, simple, effective, over a year and undated. I set my sights on the Clever Fox Planner.

I bought it on Amazon, it’s beautiful, easy to use, complete. I can’t find any fault with it at the moment.

5- English is my new language!

I have loved speaking English since I was young. But over the last two years, I have put my practice aside: change of profession, far fewer English-speaking clients, more contact with my English-speaking acquaintances, etc.

But since I became a mother I got back into it. I would like baby M to speak English from a very young age. My goals are to be bilingual within 1 year, and to teach him English at the same time as French.

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I hope you liked this article. Please note, I am still active on Instagram, BOD sports coaching is suspended, my YouTube channel too. Take care of yourself, see you soon Lotuses!

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  1. Avatar de Greta

    I am so happy for you for your family. I wish you a fabulous year!

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