Learn to roller skate

learn to roller skate

​Hello Lotus, this week I am offering you an article on my roller quad skates! You’ve probably seen it on my TikTok, it arrived and I started practicing this new activity for a week already.

​Zoom on my roller quad

​Ok to start we are going to talk about the roller quad skates that I chose to start. This is the Brenden brand leather roller skates, it is not a very well known brand like Moxi Roller skate, Rookie Skates or the very professional brand Chaya.
roller quad ou patin a roulette


I chose it for 4 reasons:

  • They are not expensive, I paid for it at 63 € on Amazon, that is to say 76.21USD.
  • The boot has a heel of only 5 cm, it’s perfect for beginners when you have never skated and are afraid of not being comfortable with your shoes.
  • The boot is made of leather, and the toe stop is quite large which makes it easier to learn.
  • The wheels light up when they roll for maximum style, these inline skates are really nice for their prices!


mes rollers quad

​The 3 steps to get started

I am going to share with you the 3 steps to start roller skating when you have never done it before and you are afraid to start.

First step: stand up while keeping your balance

​For this first step, we will spread a blanket on the ground, put on your quad rollerblades by tightening it well for good support at your ankles. The plaid will facilitate the exercise because the wheels will hang more in the folds than if we were on the ground.

We will start with three exercises, the first is to walk in place. For this we stand on the plaid, we will walk on the spot, that is to say lift one foot and put it back then lift the other foot then put it back and so on.

The second exercise is to walk forward. We will therefore repeat the same exercise, taking care to rest the feet in front of us, in order to move forward.

​Once you are comfortable with this second exercise, we will be able to remove the plaid or blanket for the third exercise. Then we will redo the two previous exercises, this time on the floor. Start by walking in place, then moving forward, without holding onto, take small steps and focus on your balance. You should feel that the floor seems to « slip more » than on the plaid.

Second step: learn to move forward by skating

This second step consists of two exercises. The first is to move forward while keeping only one supporting foot. We will place one foot forward and shift all our weight on this leg, the other will be placed back so that our feet form an « L ». We will push with the feet that are back in order to move forward. To understand the exercise, I invite you to watch my first moxi challenge videos on my TikTok. Do this exercise with the left foot in front and the right foot « pushing » then alternating.

Once you feel completely comfortable with this exercise and with both feet. We will skate, we will start with the previous exercise: we place one foot in the front and the other behind to form an « L », we push with the feet in the back then we put it in front by transferring our weight on this one, the foot which is found behind will then push in its turn then one puts it in front by transferring again the weight of the body … We will then skate forward!

​Third step: learn to brake

We will see two ways to brake. The first technique will be the one with the toe stop. The toe stop is the rubber pad located on the front of your quad skates. To brake with the toe stop, you will simply step back one foot, keeping the weight of your body on the leg which is in the front. By moving the feet back, our heel will rise automatically, we will accompany it by tilting it on the toe stop.

The second braking technique is transition braking, which involves turning around and rolling backwards before braking. This braking is therefore done in two stages: first the transition and then the braking.

The transition:
To make a transition, we will return one foot then the other. If you want to turn to the left, start with your left foot while keeping your body weight on the opposite foot.

Once the transition is done, we swing our feet back to get on the toe stop by bending down to keep our balance.


​The 365 Moxi challenge

​What is the Moxi 365 days?

This challenge as its suggests comes from the roller brand Moxi Roller Skate. It consists of practicing rollerblading for 365 days and sharing it on your networks with the #moxi365dayschallenge or the #moxidailyskates365 and many others.

Why am I doing this challenge?

I started this challenge when I received my quad rollers. It’s a great way to start, to overcome my fears, to familiarize myself with this new discipline. I plan to share my progress on my social networks during these year of challenge.


​My three roller skating goals

To end this article I will share with you my three roller quad goals:

  • I would like to learn roller dance.
  • I would like to do rollerblading in a skate park
  • I would like to share this new passion on a regular basis in igtv on Instagram.
​I hope you enjoyed this first article on rollerblading, I hope to improve myself quickly so that I can share more and more content on my roller skate journey with you. In the meantime, follow my progress on my TikTok!

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  1. Avatar de Ashley

    Oh it’s so cool. I do roller skate too since three years

  2. Avatar de Lovely

    You did it! Congrats girl ❤️

  3. Avatar de Laureen

    It’s so cool to do roller skate ! I sera your vidéo on Tik tok your progression in 10 days is amazing

  4. Avatar de Tony

    It’s so cool!

  5. Avatar de Moreandmore

    Too cool that you are new to roller skates, love your blog and your Instagram too much

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